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What is DNS?

DNS, short for Domain Name Server, is a series of records your domain name is connected to, acting like phone number or house address to redirect to your website upon searching for the address. There are various types of DNS records with different functions, however 3 of the more ...Read more...
Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash Winner

Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash Winner!

By msmanek1 comments
Today we are proud to announce the winner of Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash—Rwardz user Wiccandove. Wiccandove posted a photo of a 20 gallon setup with dwarf puffers, amano shrimp and million trumpet snails; an impressive display that is a must see! (click here to check it out)  ...Read more...
Rwardz Spotlight Big Als Pets

Rwardz Spotlight: Big Al's Pets

By msmanekRWARDZ0 comments
Today, we are going to be discussing a Rwardz success story: Big Al’s!   Founded in 1975, Big Al’s is a pet supplies chain that boasts to have “largest selection of aquariums, aquarium furniture, and aquarium supplies, as well as an extensive variety of marine ...Read more...
Refurb.ios Success with Rwardz's Success with Rwardz is one of North America’s leading refurbished electronic companies. Founded in 2003, it offers quality and overall value for some of today’s leading brands, including Dell, IBM and HP. Buying refurbished products offer savings and sustainability, offering higher ...Read more...

CRTC Ruling on Canadian Internet Access

By PixieNews0 comments
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission took a big step this week by rejecting opposition from the telecom Giants such as Bell and Telus and ordering them to offer the independent Internet providers wholesale access to the newly emerging high-speed fibre optic ...Read more...
Case Study The Crazy Ripped Challenge

Case Study: The Crazy Ripped Challenge!!

109.pngBy cjpRWARDZ0 comments
Crazy Ripped has unveiled a new contest on June 7, 2015, using their Rwardz program. Their goal is to encourage, and engage more users to use the Rwardz as a platform to teach, learn, and share their passion for working out with the world. The long term   Several athletes have ...Read more...

What does "Responsive" website mean?

Hello,    My web guy told me we need to update our website to a "responsive design" but I have no idea what that means.  Please help!!!   Thank you!  AnswerA responsive website is such that is able to display properly not only in a browser of a desktop computer but also in a range of web friendly peripherals like tablets, smart phones as well as laptop computers.   As ...Read more...

Depersonalizing Search Engine

In today's day to day activity on the Internet - Search Engines strive to provide you with what they think you want to see. This is achieved in different ways by different Search Engines. Google was the pioneer of the personalized search and uses your Google Account, aside from cookies ...Read more...

Knowledge Community

The RWARDZ platform is the ideal tool for creating and maintaining Knowledge Communities.   According to the Gartner Group, a Knowledge Community is defined as:  " A group of people within an enterprise who engage in knowledge-sharing activities in support of a common ...Read more...

Google Updates Mobile Algorithm

Today is certainly a crucial day for many business owners with an online presence, as today April 21st 2015 Google has updated their search engine's mobile algorithm.   What does this mean for website owners and internet users?   Mobile browsing is now more targeted towards ...Read more...

Only Constant is Change

It has been said that “the only thing that is constant is change.”  This best describes the ever evolving Internet and nobody better understands this than the web development team at iOPW, who are constantly updating and fine tuning their platforms’ capabilities ...Read more...
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