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Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash Winner!

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Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash Winner!

Today we are proud to announce the winner of Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash—Rwardz user Wiccandove. Wiccandove posted a photo of a 20 gallon setup with dwarf puffers, amano shrimp and million trumpet snails; an impressive display that is a must see! (click here to check it out)


Congratulations on being the recipient of The Grand Prize, Wiccandove!


Wiccandove will be the recipient of an E-X-T Aquarium Canister Filter, the Micro-UV In-Line UV Clarifier, a Neo-Therm Heater, and an MJ-600 Power Head from Cobalt Aquatics! With these, Wiccandove will be able to take their setup to the next level!


We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash! Thank you for your amazing posts! We definitely would like to see even more!

Level 11 (XP: 6400)
2 years ago
Awesome contest!