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How Can Content Marketing Benefit My Business

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How Can Content Marketing Benefit My Business
I was wanting to look into using iOPW to help me with content marketing for my business.
How can your company further help my business in this field with SEOing and user generated content?
Are there any tips you can give regarding the usage of search engines for my business?


Hi there and thanks for reaching out to the iOPW team with your question regarding content marketing.

Before I go into more details about how we can help you with your content marketing strategy, I will go into some detail about content marketing for those who are not too sure what it really is. 

Basically, content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. 

Well, many of the kinds of content being used as unintentional marketing material is dependent on how it is stumbled upon by users. Most people go to Google right away when looking for products, services or information and it is up to businesses to make sure they are supplying users with suitable and relevant content in order to make informed purchasing decisions. Google uses their own ranking scores to determine where a site link will appear on their search network page, some of the factors to how a page is ranked include page content relevance and how user friendly the site is. 

Where your business website lands ranking wise within the search network page of Google or other search engines is called organic ranking.(Ad free) This differs greatly from the paid ads seen above the other results from the search query. Organic search results are beneficial to your business website as users will more than likely see the content as more useful (as it is not paid ad).

Making sure that your website and corresponding content is found organically on search engines relies on different factors including Google's own ranking score, but one main industry standard is the correct use and implementation of SEO'd content. SEO simply stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and it's basically just that. How much of the content within your website is optimized through the use of key terms, resources or wording associated with how you wish your business or service to be found on search engines? In a nutshell, great content marketing can help your business be found by users and that's what makes it such a beneficial online tool. Ensuring that your content is appropriately SEO'd in today's online content marketing space is crucial for organic search result success. 

So how does iOPW come into the content marketing equation?
Above I explained the importance of optimized content in order to see some positive organic search results. iOPW stands for Increasing Online Presence Worldwide, and that is exactly what we work towards. We offer a vast array of SAAS (software as a service) based platforms that you can use as tools in your journey to great content marketing and which help you grow both your business and online presence. 
The Platforms We Offer
1. SEO Blog, Content Marketing and UGC Platform
We believe that one of the key ingredients to online success lies in strategically tapping into your customers, employees and supporters.

Rwardz is a powerful proprietary platform developed by iOPW inc. Rwardz enables business owners and organizations to unleash UGC (User Generated Content), gain online ranking and spread visibility, get leads and referrals from your customers/supporters and grow.

Rwardz is an all inclusive, complete solution where our experts assist you from on boarding to launch.

Create incentives and empower your customers and supporters to grow your business. There are many people who are happy to help you achieve success. Rwardz enables you to reach your untapped supporters and empower them to help you grow and achieve success.

Facebook, Ebay, Trip Advisor are just some of the examples of successful companies that have tapped into users to help them grow. With Rwardz, you too can benefit from user contributions.
RWARDZ Benefits:
  • Ownership - Publishing original content under your domain name ensures ownership and maximum benefits for your company
  • Control - Take control over content before it gets published and shared. 
  • Resources - Everyday users have created a multi billion dollar companies such as UBER, Facebook and more. Find your untapped resource.
  • Empower - Engage and ignite a relationship with people on-line that want you to succeed.
  • Incentives - Create unique offers, opportunities and rewards to engage and grow your supporters.
  • Reputation - Managing your reputation online. Your reputation is a valuable asset which protects you against negative content.
  • Security - Proper security measures will accelerate safe growth. Neglecting it can result in critical failures. 
  • Technology - In a world of vast technology, we are your partners helping you understand what's important to keep you on the leading edge. 
 2. VerView
Your Own Review Platform
own review platform
VerView is a proprietary platform giving business full ownership and control
over their reviews and relationships. These well earned
reviews can now be used to help YOUR business grow.
Control and Ownership
control and ownership
Take control over publishing content and reviews under your own
domain name. VerView is built to empower the business owner to
take ownership and benefit from existing and new reviews of
products, services and employees. 
Comprehensive and Inclusive
Comprehensive and Inclusive
The VerView platforms aggregates reviews directly from Google,
combined with existing reviews, thank you emails, verbal
testimonials, various acknowledgements and all get digitally 
published under your control.
Only the Highest Standards
Only the highest standards
VerView was developed following Google developer guidelines and
built to the highest standards in reliability and performance for the
purpose of getting results. 
RWARDZ and VerView are just two of the platforms we offer to our clients in order to grow their online business, reputation and presence. The best part about our platforms? We stay in tune with today's industry standards and all content submitted and published is SEO'd to benefit YOU, the business owner.
I hope this has helped to answer your question regarding content marketing and SEO based marketing strategies. At iOPW we work with you to ensure success! 
Feel free to contact a member of the iOPW team directly to learn more about the products and services we provide! 
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