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Harness The Power Of Online Reviews

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Harness The Power Of Online Reviews

5 Ways You Can Stay Ahead Of The Marketing Curve And Utilize The Power Of Online Reviews 

It can be tough to trust what you read/hear/watch online. Especially in this age of seemingly fake news. Companies run misleading ads, as it has become increasingly easier to make your service/product seem more than it is through the power of sly marketing. We live in an age of sensationalized video and cutting through the glitz and glam to get down to the actual reality can be a tough thing to do.

So how are consumers forming opinions and how are they being influenced to buy certain products and services over others?

Two words: online reviews.

More and more the world of consumerism is placing its trust in the hands of online reviews. Some might say, even more than word-of-mouth.

According to a 2017 study by Feefo focused on the influence of reviews of financial institutions in the UK on the decisions of young consumers (16-34), 85% responded that they rely on reviews over any other credible source when making their decision; often even over the opinions of their own friends and family!

For a broader look at consumer habits across the board in all industries, Feefo found that 74% of UK shoppers in all markets were influenced by the online reviews they had read.

One thing is clear: maintaining a positive online reputation is key!

So how can you stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of reviews?

1) Online Reputation Management (ORM) systems can be your best friend!

ORMs like our platform VerView, are online software that provide an extremely effective and efficient way to manage and monitor the online reviews being left on your business's page. Brought together into a centralized location, user-friendly platforms make it easier than ever to moderate your online reputation; following up in real time with the real people that are engaging with your business.

2) Make it easier for your customers to leave an online review.

The most common roadblock that causes satisfied customers to not leave an online review is the process they usually have to take to leave one. Whether that is providing personal information or creating a profile, they often feel it just is not worth their effort!

With VerView, satisfied customers can now write a review without all that hassle. No need to create a profile or account. Woohoo!

While this may lead you to question how we verify the authenticity of these reviews. Not to worry! We have you covered with an email verification system in place to ensure the authenticity of any and all reviews written without the prior set up of a profile or account.

3) Follow up on all reviews.

Chances are you want your business to come across as personal and friendly. There is no better way to achieve this goal than by following up on every single review that you receive.

Make your customer feel valued by expressing your gratitude for their review and letting them know they are a valued customer.

4) Respond and resolve negative reviews in a timely and professional manner.

Nothing can hurt your online reputation more than some bad reviews; even just one bad review.

And according to statistics provided by Marketing Charts, a dissatisfied customer is much more likely to leave a review than someone who had a positive experience.

But by following up with that customer to try to rectify the issue and resolve the dispute, you will show that you are a business that stands behind their product and is willing to go out of their way to make sure every customer is satisfied. According to stats by Vendasta, 95% of dissatisfied customers will actually return to that business if their issue was followed up on and resolved.

What if that person is just one of those consumers whom nothing will ever make them completely happy? By interacting with them, even if they claim you did not resolve the issue despite your best efforts, you have shown to other prospective clients that you do not shy away from those expressing their negative opinions and that you are willing to do what it takes to rectify it.

Bonus fact: Surprisingly 68% of consumers tend to trust the reviews MORE when there are some negative reviews to go with the positive! So while negative online reviews may seem detrimental, as long as you follow up on them and attempt to resolve, they could actually be helping you!

5) Provide incentive for your customers to leave reviews.

One might think that all satisfied customers would take the time to leave a positive online review.


In fact, it is quite the opposite. Many studies have found the odds of a bad customer experience being shared in relation to that of a positive customer experience is higher. As well, the chances of that same bad review being shared by others are much higher than the chances of someone sharing a positive online review.

So by a simple offer of a discount coupon code, well timed follow up or small free product for those that leave a review after a purchase, you could really start to build up a fantastic online reputation; leading to a sense of trust for your customers and those considering becoming customers of yours.


With all that said, there is one main point we would like you to take from this.

As long as you operate your business in an open and honest fashion, and maintain an active level of engagement with your customers (through an ORM, ideally), you should be well on your way to creating the online reputation you crave and being seen as a trusted source in your industry!
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