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How Important Are Reviews To Your Business?

By Mac
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How Important Are Reviews To Your Business?
How Important are Reviews to Your Business? 
In today's competitive market, consumers are relying more and more on reviews to help them determine which products or services they are willing to purchase. 
90% of Consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. 
50% of people will simply refuse to buy and product or service if it has not been previously reviewed. 
As the owner of a business that sells a specific product or service, you know how important feedback is. The reviews left behind can make or break your business so why not take the reigns and start taking control of your online reputation? 
Enter VerView
VerViw Verified Reviews
 VerView (which stands for Verified Review) puts you in control and the benefits of your review traffic go towards helping your business grow. Not your competitor's. 
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • Your own review platform policy.
  • Upload email testimonials, thank you letters, images and more. 
Reviews are an important part of maintaining your online reputation, growing your business and bringing in new customers. 
Learn more about the benefits of VerView. 
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