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The new Spartan Browser?

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Those of us in the web development field had a chance to perk up with interest at the first sightings of the new browser Microsoft is planning to unveil with their launch of their new OS – Windows 10.


For the longest time web developers have voiced displeasure with the poor performance of Internet Explorer (IE) to that of the other free browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla. The browser was plagued with errors and glitches that baffled and frustrated developers when they could not be reproduced on any other browser. The fact that the IE browser came preloaded with Windows operating system made it still a dominant browser on the market – especially for those users that are not tech-inclined and are weary of trying other technologies – and developers still had to ensure it was fully supported by their projects.

As part of the tech community I am happy to say that there is hope in the near future (and by near future we are talking year 2015) Microsoft is not only releasing their new Spartan browser to compete with that of Google Chrome but the buzz is that they’re redoing their IE browser to be based off the backbone of their new Spartan browser, which hopefully solve all the current IE woes of all web developers out there.

There is one catch – now we will have a new browser to learn and support in our coding efforts – but bring on the challenge I say.


Read more about the new OS and Browser here: