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Rwardz Spotlight: Regents Care Services

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Rwardz Spotlight: Regents Care Services

Today, we would like to share a Rwardz success story: Regents Care Services


Regents Care Services is a comprehensive home healthcare company that provides health care services within the homes of their clients. They recently decided to take control of their online presence and increase their brand authority by launching a Rwardz UGC Platform. Along with the Rwardz UGC Platform, Regents decided to invest the time to have in-house writers create content to help generate traffic for their Rwardz UGC Platform.


Over the past month, Regents has been working hard to pump great content. We decided to see how hard Rwardz has been working for Regents. So we took a look at their page ranking on three search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo using two different search terms that relate to their services (“Temporary Home Care Services Assistant” and “Pediatric Caregiver Toronto”). The results were astonishing. A Regents Care Services Rwardz post was the 1st result across the board. Google, Bing and Yahoo all had their posts listed as the 1st organic result. And as an added bonus, they were also the 2nd result as well for 2/6 queries.


See below for a breakdown as well as screenshots of the various results (click to see full sized images).



Keywords: “Temporary Home Care Services Assistant”

Google: 1st (after ads)


Yahoo: 1st (after ads)


Bing: 1st (after ads)



Keywords: “Pediatric Caregiver Toronto”


Google: 1st (after ads)


Yahoo: 1st and 2nd (after yellowpages listing and ads)


Bing: 1st and 2nd (after ads)



We just wanted to take the time to congratulate Regents Care Services on their success with Rwardz and wish them luck in the future!