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Rwardz Spotlight: Big Al's Pets

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Today, we are going to be discussing a Rwardz success story: Big Al’s!


Founded in 1975, Big Al’s is a pet supplies chain that boasts to have “largest selection of aquariums, aquarium furniture, and aquarium supplies, as well as an extensive variety of marine fish, tropical fish, live corals, and reptiles”. Big Al’s is currently comprised of 15 operational supercentre locations across Canada.


Searching for ways to increase online engagement with their customer base, Big Al’s decided to create a Rwardz UGC Platform for their loyal customers. In launching the platform, they also invested efforts into marketing their Rwardz UGC Platform on both their Canadian and American ecommerce sites with ads on their home page sliders and page footers. These ads drove the masses to their Rwardz UGC Platform.


With the help of the team at iOPW, Big Al’s ran their first ever Summer Splash Bash Contest on their Rwardz UGC Platform. Users were asked to post pictures of their aquariums for a chance to win a draw with an amazing grand prize of aquarium supplies.


We took a look at the results of all the hard work that Big Al’s had put in to connect with their target audience, and found an increase in engagement and online brand presence. While users had been creating and posting content for Big Al’s, Rwardz was working hard to improve Big Al’s page rankings on these posts.


See below for a breakdown of three key phrases that Rwardz UGC ranked on page 1 for in google results:

Keyword: “top 5 foods for aquarium fish”
Keywords: “pictures of gold dust mollies”

Keywords: “fake plants gold dust mollies”


The Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash Contest is a perfect example of what is possible when using a targeted approach to engage your audience. By offering a prize that was representative of their business offerings, Big Al’s was able to engage with their customers in a meaningful way, creating a shared positive experience between brand and customer.


Congratulations to Big Al’s on this huge success!