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Knowledge Community

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The RWARDZ platform is the ideal tool for creating and maintaining Knowledge Communities.
According to the Gartner Group, a Knowledge Community is defined as:  " A group of people within an enterprise who engage in knowledge-sharing activities in support of a common work interest (shared responsibility for a business process, a product or service, or a project). The KC may include people from multiple disciplines within the enterprise, as well as extended-enterprise participants (service providers, supply-chain partners or customers). "
The User Generated Content (UGC) contributed to the Knowledge Community via the RWARDZ platform may consist of information, commentaries, opinions, best practices, photos, videos and other content reflecting subject matter expertise which is pertinent to the organization.  By making the â€‹Knowledge Community accessible to those who use the organization's website, the organization is able to reinforce the position of authority which helps to define its role as a market leader.