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How to name images for SEO

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 How to name image files for SEO purposes?

 One of the basic tenets of search engine optimization is updating the images on your website with the proper naming convention.
If you are for instance a pastry shop with a focus on cupcakes, this will be your most important keyword to make use of.
Let's say you have a wonderful gallery of all the cupcakes you bake and offer in your shop. Each image within your gallery should be named appropriately to indicate what each product is as in the below example:
Naming Correct: chocolate-cupcake-gluent-free.jpg
Naming Wrong: DSC0002.jpg
When naming your file to indicate what it actually is to the search engine, you're enabling your products to be found more frequently. Note that each word must be separated with a dash (Google convention) as the dash is what allows the search engines to identify your item as a "chocolate cupcake gluten free". Without the dashes your file name would most likely be read as chocolatecupcakeglutenfree and not match a persons search query.