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Great Developers and Great Designers make Fantastic Web Teams!

By zsen
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When building a website, it is important to meet with and have access to the design team and the development team!  Make sure your web team has both in house and are accessible at all times!


From a developer's perspective, I want to have all the details broken down and understand clearly client requirements. This way I can make sure all code is built to the client specs and fully optimized for the best performance possible.


The more detailed the plan before the build starts, the better the finished product... always!


An example of a simple request by a client during the planning stage might be….


“I want a search function”.


Put the right developer in a room, and their response would be something like this….


What products do you want searched?

From which pages and how many ways should the customer access the search function?

What attributes are used to search?

How many levels of search?

How many scenarios?

After each search, what result should display?

After each search, does the page refresh?

And so on and so on....... 


The right Web Team with the right Designers and Developers help you get what you want the first time!


Ready, Set… Launch!