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Google Updates Mobile Algorithm

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Today is certainly a crucial day for many business owners with an online presence, as today April 21st 2015 Google has updated their search engine's mobile algorithm.
What does this mean for website owners and internet users?
Mobile browsing is now more targeted towards websites that are properly optimized for mobile viewing. This means that if your website has no mobile version or is poorly optimized - the search engine is less likely to return your result in the search occurring on a mobile device.
Putting it simply, if I search from my smartphone, websites that have a mobile site will come first in my search result while non mobile optimized websites will become buried in the competition.
What do you need to do if you're not sure if your website is mobile optimized?
1. Check with the Google tool to see if your website is mobile friendly
2. If your website has failed the check, contact your web developer immediately to take steps in rectifying the lack of mobile optimization.
You can read more about the algorithm update here:
Level 2 (XP: 350)
3 years ago
Excellent information and thank you for the link!
The thing I'd like to point out is the fact that aside from SEO benefits, making site mobile friendly is important because EVERYONE is surfing the web using their mobile devices!

I usually do my research during short breaks throughout the day and when I encounter a site which doesn't load properly on my phone, I simply leave. It's quite frustrating and I'm sure most people will simply close site and visit another one like myself.

I read this page on my phone by the way :P
Level 9 (XP: 3900)
3 years ago
Thank you for informing me about the update!