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Depersonalizing Search Engine

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In today's day to day activity on the Internet - Search Engines strive to provide you with what they think you want to see.

This is achieved in different ways by different Search Engines. Google was the pioneer of the personalized search and uses your Google Account, aside from cookies to assist in tailoring your results. If you’re logged into your Gmail or G+ accounts your search results will be affected based on your search history in the past. Bing and Yahoo also have similar offerings through Bing’s Live account and Yahoo’s services.

The purpose of personalization is to provide more direct and targeted results based on the determined patterns you’ve previously followed. However there are times where you do not want your past search results to affect what you’re searching for. Perhaps you want to try something different?

In those cases there are a few things you may want to do to get slightly less personalized results:

  1. Log out of any of the Google, Yahoo, Bing (or any other search engine of choice) services that track and utilize your browsing history when you search and ensure your browser search history and cookies are cleared.


  2. Access your browser through “Private” mode.Internet Explorer and Firefox both use the “CTRL+SHIFT+P” command to enable Private browsing, while Chrome uses “CTRL+SHIFT+N” to enable their Private browsing referred to as “Incognito mode”.


  3. Use the Google Chrome browser in Depersonalized mode.
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