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Case Study: The Crazy Ripped Challenge!!

By cjp
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Case Study: The Crazy Ripped Challenge!!

Crazy Ripped has unveiled a new contest on June 7, 2015, using their Rwardz program. Their goal is to encourage, and engage more users to use the Rwardz as a platform to teach, learn, and share their passion for working out with the world. The long term


Several athletes have shown interest, and are competing by posting workout tips, videos, and articles – anything from high intensity interval training, to selfies, and even exciting workout playlists.


Crazy Ripped has arranged tempting prizes of over $1000 worth of athletic merchandise, to encourage more UGC submissions. This array of prizes include hats, water bottles, technical shirts, shorts, tanks… anything you would need when you are working out! 


See how Crazy Ripped is engaging their users here: